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Vanillr Issue Tracker

Last year I started a little side project building an issue tracker called Vanillr. The idea was that it would be super simple, allow multiple projects with multiple users, and hosted at

The need arose from having different projects on the go at the same time and having to collect bug, questions, and feature requests from various sources such as BaseCamp, Skype, and email. I personally needed a place to collect all these and have a more detailed history for each project.

Vanillr Issue Tracker Overview

Below is the selector to filter the importance of the issue and the type of issue too.

Vanillr Issue Tracker Filter

I only got as far as the designs and building the shell until I ran out of time and shelved the project, however I will be refreshing this project in 2014 to get something up and running for myself, and hopefully for others to use too.

23-Jan-2014 at 1:50pm

Movie Lookup Sneak Preview

Following on from my previous post about a Movie Catalogue and APIs, I've finally got round to coding the movie lookup / auto-complete tool that will be used to easily add movies into my database.

Movie Lookup Sneak Preview

It uses the built-in autocomplete method in jQuery UI, and queries my PHP script which grabs the search results from the Rotten Tomatoes API, strips out all the unnecessary data, and outputs the JSON.

Speed is a bit of an issue, and I would have it query the API directly instead of having to use a Intermediary script, but the API requires a key that's unique to me and needs to remain hidden, so sadly there's no room for improvement there.

07-Jun-2011 at 4:45pm