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Xbox API Twitter Bot

Alan Wynn, who built and maintains the Unofficial Xbox API, gave me full access to his Twitter bot over the weekend after I suggested some improvements to the service.

In its original form you would send a Tweet to the bot in a certain format and it would look up the specified gamertag and reply to the tweet with their current online or offline status.

Xbox API Bot

My suggestion was that if the user is offline then it would continue to check the online status every minute and tweet when the gamer eventually came online. After a complete rebuild, and taking into account multiple requests for a single gamertag, having a 7 day limit to the checks and XboxAPI limit checks, it was complete.

Usage is really simple, just Tweet the following but be sure to replace 'Major Nelson' with any gamertag of your choosing. If it doesn't exist, you'll be notified by a Tweet.

@XboxAPI_Bot isonline Major Nelson

You can view the code on Github or send a Tweet to see it working in action.

29-Sep-2013 at 5:59pm

Xbox Last Seen Widget

Xbox Last Seen

Today I spent a little bit of time creating a tiny XBOX widget. It's a shame the XBOX Community Developer Program has taken so long for me to gain access to, so instead all the data is scraped from

Usually I don't tend to rely on scraping to get my data, but since I have no access to their API I had no choice really. Also, the gamercard has so much hidden information, it's almost as if they expect you to scrape it.

View the code on Github

05-Jul-2011 at 5:24pm